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    SE-MNPS Cement Mill Water Spraying System

    I. Product Summary

    During the operation of the cement mill, materials and grinding materials would produce huge amount of heat, which gradually increase the temperature of materials. When the cement temperature exceeds 125 ℃, static and adhering phenomenon will happen within the mill, which leads to ‘dry block’. The ‘dry block’ will greatly reduce the performance of the powder and reduce the production output. At the same time, the gypsum in the cement will begin to dehydrate and make the cement false condensate, seriously affecting the cement quality as well as the storage of cement. In addition, it will also increase the mill shell temperature, affect the mill bearing temperature, and directly impact the normal operation of the mill. Thus, in order to improve the mill output, to ensure the cement product quality, and to help with the normal production of the mill, water spraying inside the cement mill is a must.
    SE-MNPS Cement Mill Water Spraying System consists of the following components:
    1. Water Pumping Station: including the water pumps, all kinds of valve manifolds, and water tanks;
    2. Rotation Water Jacket: used for the conversion devices of center drive;
    3. Mill End Water Spraying Device;
    4. Mill Head Water Spraying Device;
    5. Electronic Control System: a complete closed-loop control system consisting of temperature measurement devices, water level gauge, inverter, PLC, touch screen, and low-voltage components.

    II. Specifications

    No. Specifications Shaft Diameter of Mill Center Drive
    1 SE-MNPS-400 400mm
    2 SE-MNPS-635 635mm
    3 SE-MNPS-800 800mm
    III. Features of the System

    1. The system directly sprays water to the material, which rapidly cools down the material and has a good water spraying performance;
    2. The system has a low water pressure and consumes low amount of gas, which is energy-saving and reliable;
    3. The system has a compact structure, requires small space, and is easy to install.
    4. The system uses a variety of controlling modes, on-site, central control, automatic, and manual, which has a high degree of automation.

    IV. The Schematic of the System

    V. Main Equipment of the System

    Pump Station

    Water Spraying at the Mill End

    Water Spraying at the Mill Head

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